Three key factors of belt idler

2021-05-08 16:33:50

Most of the conveyor belt, conveyor roller use environment are the existence of water pollution and dust, materials will wear or corrosion of the roller tube, therefore, the conveyor belt manufacturers to introduce the use of roller technology: ideal roller must have three core technologies: 1, never pollution labyrinth sealing technology; 2; 2. The technology of high precision and good consistency in idler manufacturing; 3. The anti-corrosion and wear-resistant technology of roller tube body.

It is a principle of physics that water and dust enter labyrinth seal, which has not been found. As we all know, the clearance of labyrinth seal is large, and the sealing effect is not good, which is correct. However, it is a big mistake to think that labyrinth seal with small clearance and many layers will have good sealing effect. The second key technology is the manufacturing accuracy of idler.

Before 1995 in China, the idler was made of cast iron bearing seat, step holes were machined at both ends of the tube body, and interference press fit was used; After 1995, the stamping bearing seat was gradually improved, the small step holes were machined at both ends of the pipe body, and the carbon dioxide gas shielded welding was used for production. The coaxiality of the bearings at both ends of each idler can not be guaranteed to be less than 0.05mm by both processes. Not only the rotation resistance of the idler is large, but also the service life of the bearings is greatly reduced. The third core technology is the anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the idler pipe body.

In the iron and steel industry, the wear of coke, sintering, pelletizing and steel slag is very serious. The roller of 4.5mm thick steel pipe body is broken in the shortest period of more than ten days, with an average of about six months; In the coal mine, according to the different sulfur content in the water, the most serious corrosion of the idler of the steel pipe body is about 1 mm per month, generally about 0.3 mm. Often in the coal mine to see bearings and other conveyor belt roller accessories are good, wear and corrosion of roller tube "a mess, miserable.".

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