The reason of affecting the performance of conveyor belt idler is the internal structure of the idle

2021-05-08 16:32:55

The reason for the influence of the performance of the conveyor belt and conveyor idler is the internal structure of the idler

1、 Difference in coaxiality of bearing pedestal:

The bearing seat used for the idler is a stamping part. The bearing seat is directly welded to the shell without processing at the cooperation place with the shell.

2、 The sealing effect is not good:

The waterproof effect is poor, and the production of the belt conveyor is dust big, water dust removal together, so the roller seal is necessary to have a better dust-proof, waterproof role. If the water enters the roller, the bearing will be corroded, and the dust will damage the bearing, and the end will affect the service life of the roller.

3、 Difference of coaxiality of roller shaft:

Because the dimension precision of cold drawn optical shaft is unstable due to the wear of the mould and other factors, there is often the appearance of oversupport. In addition, it is easy to form twists and turns in the transportation process, which makes the coaxiality of the roller shaft poor, the bearing gap between the two end devices of the roller shaft can not be ensured, and then the roller rotation resistance increases, which affects the service life of the wood chip machine.

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