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leeb hardness tester

leeb hardness tester

Leeb hardness tester is a kind of testing equipment, its principle is with the development of single-chip technology. In 1978, Dr. Leeb, a Swiss, first proposed a new method for measuring hardness. Its basic principle is that the impact body with a certain quality impacts the surface of the sample under a certain test force, and measures the impact velocity and rebound velocity of the impact body at a distance of 1 mm from the surface of the sample, A voltage proportional to speed is induced.

Heat treatment is one of the important bases to improve and ensure the quality and reliability of mechanical products and improve the market competitiveness of manufacturing industry. The level of the industry plays an important role in the development of manufacturing industry. Except for a few manufacturers, the overall level of China's heat treatment industry is far from being able to adapt to the more fierce market competition environment after China's accession to WTO. Among them, the heat treatment detection equipment in China is more backward. It seriously limits and hinders the development of process technology and causes the instability of product quality. More importantly, it can not effectively prevent unnecessary quality accidents. Now I will give an example of the most commonly used hardness test after heat treatment of mechanical parts and dies.

Hardness is an index to measure the hardness and softness of metal materials. In fact, hardness is not a unit of physical quantity. It is a comprehensive performance index that represents the combination of a series of different physical quantities such as elasticity, plasticity, deformation, strengthening rate, strength and toughness of materials. Generally speaking, hardness refers to the ability of resisting deformation and fracture in a small volume on the metal surface. The practical value of using portable Leeb hardness tester for hardness testing is that it does not need to damage the workpiece and can inspect the parts in batches. It has become one of the important experimental methods for product quality inspection, formulation of reasonable process and analysis of product quality.

According to the use status and mode of Leeb hardness tester, Leeb hardness tester is a test mode of combination of indentation and rebound hardness value. It has unique and wide practicability in structure, especially in testing the hardness value and failure analysis of large and medium-sized workpieces and dies with complex shape. It has irreplaceable advantages of other types of hardness tester.

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