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Roller rotation resistance test bed

Roller rotation resistance test bed

1、 Application of roller rotation resistance test bed

It is used to test the rotation resistance of the idler and improve the service life of the idler.

2、 Test method

1. Mt821-2006 test method:

First, run the idler for 15 minutes at the speed of 1450 R / min. after that, place the idler at the ambient temperature of 20-25 ℃ for 2 hours, and then place it on the backup roll. Install the arm bar at one end of the idler, and place the other end of the arm bar on the rotary resistance meter. Put down the friction wheel to make the idler bear the pressure of 250 n. Start the motor, when the outer circle linear speed of the idler is stable at 2.0 M / s, start timing, after 60 s, record the value of rotation resistance meter, take the maximum value of Zui, and calculate the rotation resistance.

2. GB 10595-2009 test method:

Different from MT standard, (GB) requires continuous running at 1450r / min for 20min. The experimental speed was 600r / min, the value was recorded after 10 minutes of forward running, and after 2 minutes of pause, the value was recorded after 10 minutes of reverse running, and the rotation resistance was calculated.

3、 Indicators

1. Measuring range: diameter of idler (mm) Φ 89 to Φ 159 (can be increased to Φ 245)

2. Measuring range: idler length (mm): 180-1000mm

3. Power supply: 50 ± 1HZ 380V ± 10%

4. Rated power: 1.5kw

5. Sensor range: 0 ~ 10.00n

6. Sensor accuracy: ± 1%

7. Function: positive and negative rotation of idler

8. Packing size: 1200 × one thousand and one hundred × 900mm

4、 Meet the standard

Mt821-2006 technical specification for idler of belt conveyor used in coal mine

GB / t10595-2009 belt conveyor

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